Doctor Ice Pick 

Doctor Ice Pick tells the true story of Walter Freeman, America’s most prolific lobotomist, and his state-sponsored 1950s campaign to empty psychiatric hospitals in West Virginia using his controversial procedure. 

Curse of Riches

Out Summer 2022

Curse of Riches reveals the epic true tale of the Wendels, one of Gilded Age America’s wealthiest and most dysfunctional families. Theirs is a story of secrets and lies, lunacy trials, fear and forbidden love affairs, and a spoiled little dog named Tobey. 

Miracle at Coney Island

Miracle at Coney Island, a non-fiction best-seller, uncovered the story of Martin Couney, “the Incubator Doctor,” who saved thousands of babies through his incubator exhibits at fairgrounds and amusement parks. Prentice travelled across America to meet some of the “babies” Couney saved. Her interviews with these men and women, now in their 70s, 80s and 90s, feature in her critically acclaimed BBC radio documentary Life Under Glass

The Lost Tribe of Coney Island

The Lost Tribe of Coney Island unearthed the true story of the 50 Igorrote natives who were transported from the Northern Philippines in 1905 and put on display at Coney Island in New York. It was a New York Post must-read, a finalist for the Brooklyn Eagles Literary Prize, and an Amazon best-seller and Editor’s Pick.

“well-researched and engrossing,”

The New York Times